William Greenback

William Greenback
  • Name: William Greenback
  • Year of birth: 1872
  • Age: 20
  • Species: Cat
  • Breed: Abyssinian cat

William Greenback, an Abyssinian cat with an incurable gambling problem and who is currently on the run from his vengeful creditors and infuriated family. No one knows exactly where William came from, as he is usually quite reserved when it comes to his private life and keeps to himself about his past. Having cohabited with his best friend Dorian Gay to seek protection and shelter from his debtors, William makes a voluntary exile to Bon Bon. When he arrives to the mysterious town, he finds it to be filled with citizens and visitors continuously getting involved in scandalously sexual shenanigans and deplorably deviant depravations. After a series of rather unfortunate events within Bon Bon’s most prestigious and well-know brothel/casino “The Delight Castle”, William finds himself in a tangled web of blackmail, fabricated personas, lust, betrayal, and maybe a little bit of romance. William had better be careful, for he’s about to get involved in the sexiest and most dangerous gamble in all his life.

William's personality could be described as someone who’s only thinking about their own well-being and preservation. His inner psyche can be divided into two personas, as he has created a duplex personality. His major flaws are being selfish, stubborn, arrogant, and uncontrollably addicted to the heart-pounding risky action that is gambling. When it comes to playing the odds and possibly winning the jackpot, he cannot resist. He does not show any respect or decorum towards women, talking to them directly in a rude or brutally honest fashion. In other words, he is a misogynist. He is a compulsive liar (which has helped him out of a few sticky situations), and a troublemaker who has no problem starting a fight. Even if it’s a fight against four to one, he still holds his ground and does not back down. Still, despite his many flaws he does have a few merits such as being loyal to his friends, knowing how to keep a secret, and being energetic where it counts. He is also quite knowledgeable in the culinary arts, being able to cook Italian dishes with some degree of expertise.