Daphne Mallow

Daphne Mallow
  • Name: Daphne Mallow
  • Year of birth: 1874
  • Age: 21
  • Species: Fox
  • Breed: Red Vixen

Daphne Mallow, superb, elegant, smart and mysterious writer of love novels loaded with eros and romance, dedicated to the women (but that are also well liked by the men that had the chance to meet the author and be charmed by her). She lives in Bon Bon, in a small house surrounded by nature, where she writes, publishes and sells in advance her novels at the city bookstore, The Outback Omnibus. She travels a lot all over Europe to gather inspiration for her novels, and loves to be often guest of the Delight Castle, where she has interesting conversations with her admirers and signs for them the copies of her books. Mary doesn't know that the writer of the novels she reads, that Betty lends to her, and that she hides from her father, lives just a while away from the Blue Mansion, otherwise she'd rush there to meet her heroine!

Personality: She's a classy woman, smart and very curious, sometimes theatrical and melodramatic because she identifies herself as her fictional character, meaning all the main characters of her novels! Nobody knows how many lovers she had, and whether the ones described in her books are real or flights of fancy... pirates, knights, adventurers, princes... but Daphne forged for herself a reputation as a passionate and adventurous woman, admired by the women and desired by the men that dream of recognize themselves someday in one of her novels!"