Violet Berry

Violet Berry
  • Name: Violet Berry
  • Year of birth: 1875
  • Age: 20
  • Species: Raccoon

She's Princess Betty's lady-in-waiting, as well as one of the most appreciated courtesans of the Delight Castle, known among the customers for being an enthusiastic and passionate lover! She's a horsewoman and has has a great passion for horses and stallions, of which appreciates greatly the extra sizes that she can't resist!  She dreams of meeting the male of her dreams: an unicorn…legendary and gorgeous! Violet has never told a thing about her past except for her first interview with Princess Betty to be hired at the Delight Castle as a simple courtesan… Given the privacy laws of the Delight Castle the interview took place within closed doors, and nobody knows what Violet told Princess Betty… to make her laugh so hard that she could be heard from the corridors outside! They say that until that moment Princess Betty had never laughed so much, and that leaving her office she was drying her tears when she announced that, for the first time, she had hired her personal lady-in-waiting in the Delight Castle!

Personality:  Known to be always very jolly, the generous Violet can socialize with everyone thanks to her honest and sociable personality. She's a little naive and a bit of a dreamer, she's got great empathy towards the people surrounding her and takes care of easing the suffering and worries of those who appear sad, doing her best to bring the smile back to their faces! She loves to collect items and sculptures with an unicorn theme… and SEX TOYS! Violet is the greatest enthusiast of dildos and the like in all Bon Bon…especially if they're unique and with cute and unusual shapes! But one thing she truly can't go without is the lipstick; she loves to always keep color and hydration to her sensual lips. The brand of her lipstick is Guerlain.