Vanessa Aglais Io

Vanessa Aglais Io
  • Name: Vanessa Aglais Io (Miss Io)
  • Year of birth: 1863
  • Age: 32
  • Species: Cat
  • Race: Fawn Somali Cat  

Vanessa Io is the concierge of the Delight Castle and knows everything about everyone, that's her job. In the 1879 the Delight Castle, initially only a casino, becomes a motel and needs a reception. Brought by Simon Blue to Bon Bon when she was 16 years old, she had been recommended to Edelweiss as first receptionist of the Delight Castle. At the time all the town girls were illiterate, unlike her, who was educated. Fundamental rules to be the receptionist of the Delight Castle were: being literate, able to keep accounts, but mostly have excellent hearing and memory, sharp eye and photographic vision, because the customers of the Delight Castle were all adventurers incognito and of few words. The receptionist should be discreet but watchful for anything, and most of all reserved and reliable. When Edelweiss left the Delight Castle in 1889 she promoted Vanessa to concierge, so that with her experience and her knowledge she could help and lead the young and inexperienced Princess Betty so that she would manage the Delight Castle the way Queen Edelweiss would have done. Miss Io greets with observance all the members of the Clan that are sent to her directly by Simon Blue, with whom she's the only one who keeps in touch since 1897, although only through introduction letters and references with specific orders for the members of the Clan. This is the main reason why she doesn't want to involve Betty in this task, knowing that she harbors a deep hatred for Simon Blue since he's believed to be responsible for the departure of Edelweiss.

Personality: Very reserved and strict, she keeps everything under control. As a good caretaker she knows everything of the customers and staff and provides for any need, intervening as a troubleshooter, expert in resolving diplomatic disputes. Miss Io is serious and professional, follows punctiliously the rules of the code of Bon Bon. She's never seen in the company of men because discretion and privacy are the absolute first rule in the Delight Castle, and on this she never yields. She's also fixated with hygiene and cleanliness, allergic to dust, obsessed with the placement of the furniture (she loves for the colors to be matched according established palettes and the furniture well chosen and egregiously placed). Her only moment of relax, in which nobody must disturb her, is tea time, where she drinks spiced tea accompanied by pastries (her favorites are sacher torte and cream and strawberry cake).