Vanessa Cardui

Vanessa Cardui
  • Name: Vanessa Cardui
  • Year of birth: 1921
  • Age: 25
  • Species: cat
  • Race: Half breed (Fawn Somali Cat + British Longhair)

She's the great-niece of Miss Vanessa Io and daughter of Apollo Parnassius Cardu, son of grandma Cynthia (younger sister of great-aunt Vanessa Io). Miss Cardui owns and manages a small bookstore called “The Garden of Words”. Despite never having met her great-aunt she inherited her name and some personal belongings among which the first full draft of the novel Pleasure Bon Bon, that she wrote. Vanessa Cardui thought about printing a few trial copies of the novel, but not managing to find a publisher willing to print it she decided to keep them in her shop… until one day she'll meet Mr. White, a mysterious and devoted admirer of the book that her great-aunt wrote, who will ask her to sell him a copy… and afterward to begin an adventure together with him…

Personality: She's a kind and curious girl, a dreamer, passionate about literature. Her favorite books are those about adventure, fantasy and love stories. She loves the butterflies, one is shown in the tiffany stained glass window on the door of her bookshop. The Second World War has ended one year earlier, and all the world is clamoring to begin a new age of peace and prosperity. Vanessa is therefore enthusiastic and happy about this change, she's curious and optimistic about her future, in which she holds great hope of making her dreams come true. She has never traveled (mostly due to the war) except with her fantasy.