Mary Blue

Mary Blue
  • Name: Mary Blue
  • Year of birth : 1878
  • Age: 17
  • Species: Cat
  • Race: Russian Blue cat

Mary is a sweet, naive virgin, daughter of a rich billionaire, Simon Blue, owner of a diamond mine, as well as the most important and powerful man in Bon Bon. He loves his daughter dearly, and keeps her prisoner at home to protect her virginity until her wedding day. Her father knows all too well Bon Bon and the debauchery that surrounds their mansion, but for a mysterious motivation they can't move anywhere else, at least until Mary will get married. After a first engagement went up in smoke Simon waits every day that for the perfect groom to show up and ask his daughter's hand in marriage. But Mary hides a secret; she already knows everything about sex and love, because she has a secret friend that lives in Bon Bon and with which she has been holding a secret correspondence for a long time... Mary dreams of love and tries in vain to satisfy her desires, until one day...

Personality: Naive, romantic, refined, quite lustful and longing for affection. She dreams of becoming a true Lady and marrying the perfect man. She's not a spoiled girl, she's obedient to the rules of good manners, but adolescence made her unruly and impatient, her tantrums are calls for attention. When she gets mad she becomes insolent and bossy. Mary gives all her best to appear as a perfect fiancee, but in truth she doesn't know what love is, and has much to learn…