Dorian Earl Grain

Dorian Earl Grain
  • Name: Dorian Earl Grain
  • Year of birth: 1869
  • Age: 26
  • Species: Dog
  • Race: half-breed dog  Golden Retriever + Husky

The charming, reputable, good Dorian, everyone's best friend. His father is a Golden Retriever of noble birth but nobody actually knows his mother, they say she was a common born Husky his father fell madly in love with… which should make Dorian a ”Golden Husky”. Apparently the pretty lady (of which as of now nobody speaks anymore) left her husband and the young Dorian to chase the dream of becoming an actress in America, following another man! His father remarried, Dorian has two stepbrothers he gets along with, but always thinks longingly of his mother of which he never hears anymore. This fact made Dorian a sensitive boy, determined to never abandon a friend, and strengthened by this experience he decided to honor his noble father by getting ahead and gaining the goodwill of the court of Buckingham Palace, obtaining the title of Baronet due to his successes in the tea trade. Dorian was born in Wallingford, but decided to move to London because of his business (and secret relationships…) from his family home in Oxfordshire, to where he returns often and willingly. From his flat in London he hosts many friends and business partners, the most affectionate of which is Red Bordeaux, with whom he established a partnership for the exclusive distribution of his french wine in London. The two, joined by their having grown up without a mother, get along famously, but Red departs Dorian's home the moment the latter welcomes William as a housemate. Dorian grows very attached to William, even satisfying all his requests to “borrow” money… He, in fact, sees beyond the surface defects of William, seeing through those an unfortunate young man, who needs trust and support to get back on his feet.

Personality:  Dorian is an elegant, generous, altruistic, polite, sociable gay! Despite the Buggery Act having been finally repelled, being homosexual in England is still a penal crime in 1895, punished with jail time, hard labor and repossession of goods… therefore good Dorian must keep a considerable secrecy and never expose himself, unless it's with trusted friends. He unexpectedly finds in William a loyal and amenable confidant… and thus Dorian Dorian allows himself frivolities and feminine and playful attitudes more when he's with him than with anyone else! Red too knows of his homosexuality, but with him Dorian acts more soberly. Dorian's homosexuality is open, accepted and tolerated only in two places in which nobody can judge for it: within Bon Bon and in the Clan of the Talon, of which he too is a member...