Clyde White

Clyde White
  • Name: Clyde White
  • Year of birth: 1914
  • Age: 32
  • Species: dog
  • Race: Siberian Husky

American journalist and freelancer, he is passionate about collecting items and texts from the past. Being he well-to-do his job as journalist is almost a pleasant hobby that leads him to traveling across the world looking for rare items and original discoveries. He sells in exclusive his articles to magazines specialized in story, cultures and curiosities from all over the world and antiquities. When he finds the manuscript of the first part of the erotic victorian novel Pleasure Bon Bon he understands right there and then that he's found out a bizarre rarity, and starts searching to find the full version of the work. Being able to finally read the full version of Pleasure Bon Bon will give him an incredible idea, an extravagant project that he'll fund: searching and finding the memorabilia, the mementos and the proofs of the existence of Bon Bon and of the truthfulness of the facts depicted in the novel! He'll decide to involve Miss Cardui asking for her help in realize his challenging wish.

Personality: He's a self-assured person, enterprising and desirous of increasing his knowledge digging deep to the bottom of any matter. He's got instinct and intuition. When he starts searching he never gives up until he reaches a conclusion. Drinker and smoker, lover of long car trips looking for historical locations and landscapes, he gladly stops visiting ancient burgs and european towns looking for local dishes and cultures. He constantly takes notes and photos. He's single and an only child.