Hans Strauss

Hans Strauss
  • Name: Hans Strauss
  • Year of birth : 1869
  • Age: 26                               
  • Species: Wolf-Dog
  • Race: Hybrid between Apennine Wolf and a Swiss Shepherd

A convinced bachelor, of German origins, his family is involved in the steel industry, he is a metallurgical engineer. He is not highly rich, but he spends with joy all his money taking holidays in Bon Bon because he is in love with Princess Betty. He has sworn an eternal and solemn devotion to the girl and has taken it into his head to excel over all the patrons of Delight Castle as his greatest admirer, supporter, worshiper, paladin ... Fortunately he is smart enough and gentleman not to being annoying, on the contrary, he can't stand vulgar customers who take too many confidences with the Princess. He is a seducer but not a persecutor, he knows and respects the rules of Bon Bon by heart. He will find and cultivate a friendship in Bon Bon with another great admirer of the Princess, George Oldgold, who at first believed to be a rival but later will prove to be in perfect harmony with his obsession for Princess Betty and with whom he will form an inseparable duo! It being understood that Hans is always number 1 and George number 2!

Personality:  Apparently imperturbable, in truth he is a witty scrutinizer, observes with the corner of his eye all the movements in the Delight Castle, even if he has never been asked to... he always makes sure that the other men are equally loyal in observing the rules . Otherwise, he is approach them with a contemptuous air expressing criticism, disappointment gaze and sarcastic comments. Arrogant, pungent, but he doesn't do it maliciously, he's just a little maniacal... With women, however, he is very gallant, caring, affable. He loses control only in front of Princess Betty, for whom he would do anything. Like George, he loves to play and especially from consuming expensive drinks…