Betty Goldblum

Betty Goldblum
  • Name: Elizabeth (Princess Betty) Goldblum
  • Year of birth : 1874
  • Age: 21                               
  • Species: Mouse
  • Race: Harvest Mice

She's called the Princess of Delight Castle, the large and luxurious casino/brothel of which she's the sole owner! Betty is the most costly girl in all of Bon Bon, but truly good at entertaining her guests! She's known for offering herself only a few times to the customers, and only with the richest ones! Nobody in the Delight Castle knows her secret past, aside from the twins Dalila and Ophelia Champagne and the concierge Miss Vanessa Io. Princess Betty is the second owner of Queen Edelweiss' Crown and mandatary treasurer of the treasures of Delight Castle, who wish to increase, making a greater patrimony, before the return of The Queen, of which she is truly devoted. Princess Betty and Miss Io are the only ones that know the member of the Clan of the Talon that go to Bon Bon incognito to deposit their goods into the secret Caveau of the Delight Castle ( the origins of which Bridget Janine, accountant and bookkeeper, is unaware ), but Miss Io prefers to relieve Princess Betty of this task so that she may live her role of Princess without further worries. She always does her best and keep hard work to represent Queen Edelweiss and keep a mysterious promise she's have made to a friend... Her lady-in-waiting ,Violet Berry, is the only one she confides in, and with which she loves to relax and have fun. She lets men court her, but sees them as customers and guests in her castle, to be treated with all due cares. Except for one… Princess Betty plays cards very well and has never been defeated in a game! She meets William Greenback in the Delight Castle, and... will involve him in a spicy, dangerous new game!

Personality:  She's a refined and elegant, crafty and intelligent girl. Betty is truly ambitious, she's got a really cordial relationship with the guests, and affectionate and approachable with the staff, but she's very touchy, and disrespecting her means trouble!