Simon Blue

Simon Blue
  • Name: Simon Blue
  • Year of birth: 1853
  • Age: 42
  • Species: Cat
  • Race: Russian Blue cat

Simon was born in Slovenia, in the town of Postojna, from a local noblewoman named Bela Vrtnica (“White Rose”) and a purebred Russian Blue businessman, the Belarus born Emilian Semyon Blue. His name comes from the church of Saints Simon and Helena in Minsk, birthplace of his father. Since childhood Simon grew passionate about speleology, since he loved to visit the Caves of Postojna, opened to the public since 1818, where, barely 19 years old, participates to the construction of a railway within the caves in 1872. In the meantime he studied geology and mineralogy, becoming minerary engineer, and decided to invest his first earnings by purchasing some caves close to Austria, among the Northern Limestone Alps, a mountain range of the Eastern Alps, to explore in order to find veins of raw mineral materials… Simon Blue was 22 years old when he discovered his small and precious diamond mine! 23 years old, he officially joined the Clan of the Talon, a mysterious European secret society formed by the most powerful and wealthiest men of the continent. Simon Blue is also the mayor of Bon Bon, and he asserts having “founded it himself” and being creator and responsible for “Bon Bon's First Law”. Among Bon Bon's inhabitants he's surely the one hiding the most secrets… and that might justify the creation of the notorious “First Law”. Mary Blue, his only daughter, is considered by Simon Blue his most precious diamond, and as such he looks after her jealously, being very careful about to whom he should give her hand in marriage…

Personality: Simon Blue is a man with many friends and just as many enemies, yearning to be in his shoes, and maybe that's why he doesn't wear any… he prefers to only wear a pair of spats. Because he's a cat who knows how to use his claws, and doesn't hide it. Apparently he's got a surly, autoritarian and severe personality, but he also knows how to have fun and laugh heartily at jokes and funny situations. Sometimes he plays the fool, a bit sly, but it's a way he relaxes to avoid always thinking about business and his problems. Simon Blue loves contracts, bargaining, clauses and agreements are his bread and butter. He's a man of his word, no matter what… but beware, concluding a deal with him is like signing a deal with the Devil.