George Oldgold

George Oldgold
  • Name: George Oldgold
  • Year of birth: 1871
  • Age: 24
  • Species: Cat
  • Race: Brithish Shorthair  

George Oldgold is Hans Strauss' pal "partner in crime", with whom he forms the duo of Betty's greatest admirers, of which he is the number 2 ... His family works in the textile sector (wool market) and is entirely composed of British Shorthair cats, George has taken the gold-colored coat from his father and the blue eyes from his mother and is… perpetually on a diet! In fact, his family members are all chubby but he wants to remain slender, because he too is madly in love with Princess Betty and since he is not a talkative and casual type like Hans, he has decided that his weapon of seduction is to take care of his appearance a lot , combed, slicked, perfumed. He is always with Hans and follows him indulging him, also feeling a little protected by his company which also gives him a certain courage ... if there are two of you to do things.

Personality: Shy with women, very kind, calm character, when alone he is clumsy and introverted… until he is stimulated by Hans! He found in him a model (not perfect) to follow, with which he can do things that alone he would not do. He is a bit vain, he cares a lot about his appearance and if he happens in front of a mirror he never misses an opportunity to check that his hair and whiskers are okay, in fact he keeps a small comb hidden in his pocket to adjust them if necessary...