Red Bordeaux

Red Bordeaux
  • Name: Red Bordeaux
  • Year of birth: 1872
  • Age: 23
  • Species: Cat
  • Race: European red shorthair

Coming from french origins, Red became Mary's fiancé in the 1891, chosen for her when he was 19 and she barely 13 by their two fathers, Simon Blue and Edward Bordeaux, to seal their friendship and unite their businesses. Due to his affection towards little Mary (who at the time Red considered more of a younger sister) the boy decided to become the secret middleman between her and her friend Betty, who lives in Bon Bon, allowing the two to exchange a few letters, since Simon Blue forbids the two friends from meeting for some mysterious reason… Red thus became best friend of Betty, who at the time was 17 years old, hero of young Mary, accomplice of their secrets.

Sadly an old law of the Clan of the Talon that only allows the union in marriage only of members and sons of members broke, after a few weeks, the engagement. Simon promised his friend Edward that he'd wait to give his daughter's hand in marriage until the other's son Red had become a member of the Clan himself, but due to the untimely death of Edward Red, shaken by the events, disappeared. Only four years later, in the year 1895, Red shows up once more at Simon Blue's doorstep telling him that he has become a member of the Clan in his father's honor and asks him to reinstate the engagement with Mary, who is all too glad to get reacquainted with her “first love”. Sadly Mary is unaware that during those four years Red has had a past made of secrets and lies… and that in the meantime he had many amorous dalliances; but there's even more at stake…

Personality: Red is kind-hearted and is a sensitive boy, but often gives in to moments of anger and sadness, showing a brave personality that he uses as a shield to stop the secrets of his heart from being seen. Friend of Dorian since before he met William, he shows himself to be loyal to the two friends, although he's more discreet and composed in comparison with the exuberance of the two others. William doesn't fully trust Red and thinks he's a ladies' man, which he actually is, but Dorian knows that Red is much deeper than what he lets show, and that he can be trusted.