Dalila Champagne

Dalila Champagne
  • Name: Dalila Champagne
  • Year of birth: 1871
  • Age: 24
  • Species: Dogs
  • Race: half-breed = Leonberger + ???

Dalila and Ophelia Champagne are twin sisters with small differences, two half-breed dogs. Their mother was a chubby and jolly german Leonberger breed named Kamille Kranz and was the main cook of the Delight Castle, hired by Edelweiss. Despite that the girls' surname is Champagne, because Kamille was made pregnant by one of the customers of the Delight Castle who was going by the nickname “Mr. Champagne”. He never knew of Kamille's pregnancy, and after that short vacation never came back to Bon Bon.

Thus Kamille decided to give her daughters the surname “Champagne” so that if their father came back he would have recognized them. Kamille died of illness when the children were 5 years old, so Edelweiss decided to act as legal guardian of the two orphans and received the consent of the mayor of Bon Bon, Simon Blue, strong of the fact that the mysterious Mr. Champagne had taken advantage of the Law on Privacy created by Simon Blue, then vanished after knocking up one of her employees! Simon Blue accepted her request… but reserving a favor on Edelweiss' side… The differences between the two sisters are minimal: Dalila has fuzzy ears like her father, and keeps them brushed as if they were hair; Ophelia has short-haired ears, darker like her mother. Ophelia has brown hair too, but when she grew up she decided to dye them to be told apart more easily at the Delight Castle where she works as a “Lucky Chips girl” in the Casino, while Dalila is a bartender. A curious tidbit: the earrings with huge pearls that Princess Betty always wears are a gift from the twins from when they persuaded her as a child to pierce her ears; they bought a pearl each to remind that they're inseparable twins and forever at her side.

Personality: Dalila has a more serious and firm disposition in comparison to Ophelia, and she's the most devoted to Princess Betty since she feels that she must protect her from the suffering that she underwent and that she knows; Ophelia is more spontaneous and naive, has a sweet and obliging disposition, a bit vain and flirty with the men in comparison with Dalila that instead doesn't feel much simpathy for the male gender, having to endure each night their drunken tales at the bar… and be careful of whoever exaggerates and could turn out to be a troublemaker… as in the case of William!